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APS Power Struggle Over Rooftop Solar Panels Continues

Green energy has made it to the forefront of many conversations these days and with good reason. Here in Arizona where it is sunny an average of 299 days per year, rooftop solar panels have become a sought after alternative (green) energy source for homeowners.

This has stirred a battle between power companies, such as Arizona Public Service (APS), and the city and it’s residences over rates. This battle has been going back and forth for a couple of years. Recently, as Eric Jay Toll from Phoenix Business Journal reported, APS is yet again claiming they are absorbing costs from the use of solar panels that when spread out over thousands of systems is potentially costing the company millions.

APS has submitted paperwork to the Arizona Corporate Commission (ACC) demonstrating these extra costs to customers with rooftop solar panels. APS currently has plans for rate increases for next year (2016) and there are thoughts rooftop solar panel customers could see a bigger jump. According to the article by Eric Jay Toll, APS and ACC ┬áhave calculated that only 36 percent of the cost of providing power to rooftop solar customers is being paid. Though APS does provide bill credits for the accepted SURPLUS of solar power received, APS still has to deliver traditional power means to those homes for those few days when the sun isn’t shinning at a cost to APS.

Eric Jay Toll goes on to mention an attorney with Rose Law Group and spokesman for solar installers, Court Rich, was not impressed with APS’s claims and reports. The attorney goes on to claim APS has nothing credible to go on and should hire a third party to review.

You can see Eric Jay Toll’s follow report here.

As this battle continues, those who thought they were taking a step towards savings on their energy costs and helping the environment, may have gotten more of a hassle then they originally anticipated. They may also not be seeing the savings they were hoping to get.

With any new technology (or service), things need to be hashed out until things are understood and get on a set track. Right now, rooftop solar panels are in this stage and it might be worth waiting until the “dust settles” before you make the leap to solar energy….. At least here in Phoenix, Arizona where the battle is set to continue through 2016.

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